Up to now, Family Hospital has cooperated with more than 60 leading domestic and international insurance companies to offer DIRECT BILLING service.


Please present (1) your valid insurance card and (2) your ID card/passport or birth certificate for children, our clinic staff will check whether your insurance providers had any agreement with Family Hospital for direct billing. Accordingly, we will arrange and guide you with all necessary papers and follow-up steps.


Family Hospital is pleased to offer ‘cashless service’ where eligible patients are able to admit with no deposit and with no payment required upon discharge. We have an extensive list of both international and local insurance providers to deliver cashless services with a view to benefiting our clients in the best possible way. 

Our Direct Billing Procedure including:

  • Step 1: Patients present their insurance card, and identification documents to register for the examination at International Clinic, Level/Floor 2.
  • Step 2: Patients use the examination and treatment services at Family Hospital
  • Step 3: The staff will conduct a confirmation procedure with the insurance company based on the doctor’s diagnosis and the test results.
  • Step 4: The staff will inform patients of any copayment and deductibles not covered by the insurance policy that patients are responsible to settle (if any)
  • Step 5: Patients sign on both the bill & the complete claim form.


For insurance companies without Direct Billing agreement with Family Hospital:

  • Step 1: After using medical services, patients pay directly to Family Hospital
  • Step 2: The staff will provide all the necessary documents according to the regulations of the insurance provider, such as invoices, medical reports, drug prescriptions, test results, doctor indications, and a list of service charges.
  • Step 3: Patients process the claim from the insurance provider by themselves.

Our insurance partners