Throughout its 12 years of operation, FAMILY Hospital continues to lead the way, its main objective being to provide top-quality medical services and develop an integrated network of healthcare services in Da Nang, Vietnam and abroad.

Our unwavering priority is to continue to offer top-level healthcare services, in tune with the highest standards, by continuously striving to upgrade its services both in terms of infrastructure and organization.


To be one of the best hospitals in Da Nang and Central Vietnam.


To Our Patients

Our patients are not just customers, but are fellow humans in need. From their first encounter, we will treat our patients with dignity and compassion, comfort their family and friends, and endeavor to make their stay with us rewarding as possible. We will provide whatever services we can, in and outside of the hospital, to maintain and restore the health of those who come to us for care.

To Staff

  • We value our physicians, nurses, administrative, and supporting staff in the organization.
  • We respect their dignity and recognize their merits.
  • We encourage and support the professional and personal growth of all employees.

To Community

We are committed to serve our community with exceptional, compassionate, and personalized care and enhance quality of life.

Our Associates

We are committed to pursuing and realizing the mission of our institution, to be innovative and resourceful in carrying out our duties and to utilize organizational resources sensibly.