The Inpatient Area at FAMILY Hospital has been developed following the international standard Hospital – Hotel model with modern facilities and architecture, state-of-the-art equipment and top quality services.

Locating from Level 5 to Level 9 of the building, with a total of 250 patient-beds, the Inpatient Area consists of 5 room types (1-bed room, 2-bed room, 3-bed room, 4-bed room and 7-bed room), to satisfy the different demands of patients and their relatives.

In all room types, adjustable beds, bedside table, locker, TV and refrigerator are available for your convenience. Additionally, en-suite bathroom with toilet, hand basin & shower are inclusive. A nurse bell is at the bedside as well as in the bathroom.

Other supporting services:

  • Patient clothes are provided on the first day of admission and will be changed every morning by the catering assistant
  • Wifi and free water can be accessed easily in each floor.
  • Hot water is available at the Canteen for free (Level 11)
  • On Level 9, hair-washing and facial room provides services for both patients and their relatives
  • All VIP rooms are equipped with medical functions (oxygen, suction and light)

At FAMILY hospital, hygiene is one of our main focus, with catering staff constantly cleaning every corners, elevators, stairs, etc. to minimize infection for patients and their relatives.

Room assignment depends on factors such as patient demands, diagnosis, gender and medical care if required. The nursing staff will instruct patients and their relatives carefully before hospital admission.

Our philosophy is to provide you with a range of healthcare options to improve your quality of life. This focus on care and comfort is also present in our accommodation designs which emphasise welcoming interiors and multiple configurations to meet your needs.