Family Management Meeting in the Summer 2018

The Management Meeting in the summer 2018 of Family General Hospital that took place in Ba Na Hills on the last 21 and 22/7 brought not only the moments of serious discussion and report but also extremely happy time of all members.

In addition to the cohesion among the members, it is also necessary to collaborate together, share the same goals and know how to work together smoothly in order to have a strong team. Definitely, both of these aspects are based on the understanding of strengths, weaknesses and abilities of each department and unit to complement each other. That is also the reason why the Board of Directors of the Family General Hospital decided to hold an additional Summer Management Meeting in this year to summarize and re-evaluate what each department has done in the first 6 months of the year. At the same time, the conference also gave suggestions to solve problems that are encountered.

Family’s distinctive corporate culture was reaffirmed one more time in the meeting. With the combination of sympathy and sharing, discipline and order, the Family ship is expected to make its own distinctive mark.

Instead of following the “numbers” like many other health facilities, Family has concentrated on the cohesion among departments to increasingly improve the quality of services. Additionally, practical benefits and the safety of patients have been aslo put above all.

Gala party night enabled the managers to have a blast time together with campfire, singing, laughing, and mixing in the “one-of-a-kind” dances of Family Hospital.

Ending the trip with many joys and moments of family-like attachment surely furnished each member with new energy and motivation to accomplish the set goals for a sustainable development of the Family in the future.