“Little warriors” at FAMILY celebrating the International Children’s Day

On the Children’s Day (June 1st 2019), the Family Hospital (Da Nang) prepared hundreds of colorful gifts for nearly 300 pediatric patients who were being examined and treated here.

Children’s Day is a festival for children across the country. While healthy children were eagerly awaiting outings, loving gifts from their families, about 300 children were suffering the pain from disease and had to be admitted to the hospital for examination and treatment at Family Hospital on that day.

Due to understanding the disadvantages of the pediatric patients, Family Hospital always collaborates with a number of sponsoring brands in order to prepare gifts for them on the Children’s Day or Mid-Autumn Festival every single year.

The gifts are small but a great encouragement for them and family members. They could help these patients to have more joy, excitement on Children’s Day and bring positive treatment effects.

“Giving the joy, receiving the laughter. We hope that our pediatric patients – our “little warriors” will have a warm and meaningful Children’s Day”- Representative of the hospital management board said.