Family’s prenatal club 2019

For welcoming a little angel, women have experienced a journey of psychological changes, from simple to complex levels. Behind the happiness and excitement, they have to face with unsteady, worry and fear.

Understanding these feelings, in this morning (September 28th, 2019), the September prenatal club was taken place at the 10th floor of Family Hospital, with the topics about Postpartum depression and How to take care of the baby in the first three months of life.

The class has attracted participation of more than 50 pregnant women, with many to- be-fathers.

Beside the theoretical contents delivered by the obstetricians’ team and pediatricians, hygiene practice and diaper change for babies by the guidance of midwives also received the attention of future parents.

After the class, if any women still has question related to the birth, pregnancy or child care, the obstetricians, pediatricians, and midwives of Family Hospital will directly respond on Facebook group “Supplementing knowledge about motherhood”. Besides, mothers can freely communicate and share their experiences and receive useful advices from other moms.