Overview of Endocrinology 2018 Conference

After two intensive days (April 27-28, 2018), the “11th Central & Highland Vietnam Congress on Endocrinology – Diabetes – Metabolic Disorders”, hosted by the Family General Hospital was officially closed, leaving a great impression for the reporters and representatives who participated in the event.

This conference is highly appreciated by the Vietnam Association of Endocrinology and Diabetes, in which are the preparation and the participation from the leading experts, including Prof. Dr. Thai Hong Quang, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hai Thuy, Prof. Dr. Tran Huu Dang, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Thi Dua and other astonishing experts in the whole nation.

Additionally, the organization of the conference was honored to welcome 4 Professionals – Doctors from Canada, Korea, and Singapore – countries with a developed medicine industry. We sincerely thank our foreign experts who participated in the presentation and shared their valuable achievements and experiences of researching and the recent advance in treatment techniques.

From the conference, a scientific journal was generated with more than 900 pages. Exceptionally, it would be an important “dictionary” in offering great help and great support in further scientific research and clinical practice for doctors in Vietnam.

The Vice-Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Co-chair of the Conference Organizer, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hai Thuy said – “The conference is a valuable opportunity for experts in the Central and Highlands, in particular, and for national and foreign doctors, in general, from a wide range of medical specialties, to exchange professional knowledge, and to learn experience and give solutions to complex issues related to Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolic pathology.”

MSc. Dr. Nguyen Van Vy Hau, Head of Internal Medicine – Family General Hospital, Deputy Head of the Organization Committee for this year’s conference said – “150 medical topics and scientific research projects were reported and discussed by professors, associate professors, experts, and doctors nationally and internationally. The overview of the reports and research this time provided professional value and rich content. Besides the common diseases such as diabetes, there were also topics with more specialized contents such as endocrinology and obstetrics, endocrinology and surgery, endocrinology and cardiovascular”.

This year, apart from focusing on medical knowledge and advance in treatment techniques, the conference emphasized the importance of establishing relationships between hospitals. Also prioritized was the relationship between family doctors and other specialties. The selected topics, therefore, focused on the closeness, practicality, and working together between hospitals.

The “11th Central & Highland Vietnam Congress on Endocrinology – Diabetes – Metabolic Disorders” had created valuable opportunities for professions working in the endocrinology and metabolism field in the region to present their research works. The conference had encouraged scientists, especially young ones, to be more enthusiastic in further R&D.

The diversity associated with updated contents of the special subjects had left a good impression on the participants. The valuable medical information of the conference will certainly contribute positively and massively to the work of serving and caring for the general well-being of the whole society in the future.