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International and Premium Vietnamese clinic


At International and Premium Vietnamese clinic we aim to provide medical services in accordance with advanced countries’ standards achieving higher domestic and international customer satisfaction.

This clinic is established to serve international patients, patients with domestic and international private insurance cards and Vietnamese patients who wish to enjoy premium service with shorter waiting times. After examination, patients are provided with medical documents in Vietnamese, English or both depending on patient’s need.

Doctors of International and Premium Vietnamese clinic are Daniel Mitchell, MD – American Family Medicine specialist and other Vietnamese qualified doctors. They always try their best in providing patient care so that their customers can be healthy and enjoy their life.

To minimize language barriers, a team of medical interpreters who are fluent in English, Korean and Chinese will assist customers during the whole treatment.

With our goal of putting patient care and satisfaction as our top priority, all the staff will do our best to serve patients with respect and compassion.

In addition, International and Premium Vietnamese clinic is a part of Family Hospital, a large modern hospital which is well equipped including4D ultrasound, CT scanner, MRI machine, to improve patient care.

Because of the above care that we provide, more and more patients use and trust our hospital. We anticipate that this use and trust will continue to grow, now we have a partnership with International hospitals in Korea and Thailand. We can arrange appointments, transfers and will forward appropriate medical records for patient assistance. Our goal is to give quality and compassionate care to patients.

Please contact us for further information
Hotline: 0833 632 333
Call center: 19002250
Email: insurance@familyhospital.vn